Melancholia (2012)

Valokuva 657

The mind and body are separate entities although they do influence each other. The mind
is un-extended; it exists in time, not in space. However, it brings its state to the “superficial”
level, the body. For me it is interesting how the body reacts when it is being beaten from
inside. The changes caused are often kept hidden from the outside world, but what are the
reactions? In my independent project I wanted to investigate the disorder and disturbance
of the mind and how it is taking the normal body actions to something abnormal. I was also
influenced by the abnormal personality and how emotional, somatic symptoms turn into
something physical. What happens to the body when the mind is invaded by negative
thoughts? Bodily discomfort and emotional pain converted into physical pain were strongly
present in my process as well as the final outcome.