Contemporary dancer from Helsinki, Finland. Graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in 2012.

Work experience:

2012  (performances in London and Florence)
Aftermath of The Torch. Choreography: Heidi Seppälä
Satisfyin Lover. Choreography: Steve Paxton. Reconstucted by: Martin Hartgraves
Memory Makes Us. Choreography: Adam Russell
Untitled. Choreography: Adam Russell
Untitled. Choreography: Sonja Elonen

2011  (performances in London)
Wake Up Butterfly, We Have Miles to Go. Choreography: Marie-Gabriel Rotie
The Old Pond. Choreography: Hagit Bar
Untitled. Choreography: Zoi Dimitrou

2010 (performances in London)
Preludes and Afterthoughts. Choreography: Susan Sentler and Douglas Finch
Sence Make to Have Always Doesn’t It. Choreography: Melanie Clarke
Black Apple. Choreography: Verena Schneider
Finally We Are No One. Choreography: Sofia Gaspari

2009 (performances in London, Helsinki and Vaasa)
Greed. Choreography: Alice Sheath
Vapautumisia. Choreography: Mari Koponen

2012  (London)
1986 (When Frank Was 70 Years Old)

2011 (London and Sao Paolo)
Nuclear Cats and Other night Stories

2010 (London)

2009 (Helsinki)

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